Any advice with signs I should be picking up on?

I've always been the type of guy to flirt with a girl once she gives me the signal to flirt but it only happens every so often. I'm thinking either I'm missing the signs or that I come of as shy. I'm just kind of a quite guy at first. I like to know a person before I start opening up to them.


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  • As a guy, you have to learn one thing; YOU have to be the one who takes the initiative. Whether it comes to asking a girl out, picking the movie for the date, leaning in for the kiss, etc. The guy is always expected to take initiative and go first.

    When it comes to flirting with girls, you can either wait for the signs or you can take a risk and initiate the flirting. If you wait for signs, you usually won't receive much. The obvious ones are if she breaks the touch barrier, how close in proximity she is to you, whether her eyes are dilated (when people see the person they are attracted to, their pupils dilate), she laughs at your jokes no matter how bad they may be, etc.

    But then again some women won't give you signs and might wait for you to show initiative. If you have an interest for a woman and she doesn't show signs, go for it. Start off with subtle flirting and see how she reacts. If you feel like it's going well, continue increasing the level of flirting subtly. If you feel like she isn't responding to it well, stop and move on.

    You're gonna have to break out of that shy, quiet shell you display at first. You can't always wait for signs. Jump in for yourself and test the waters.


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  • Smiling, girl randomly touching you, playing with her hair while talking to you, when she is not paying attention to you, her feet are still pointing to your direction. teasing, girl staring at you and if she looks away as soon as you look at her she likes you, plus she's very shy.

  • I think I am a nice looking guy and I have women smiling and checking me out. Flicking their hair, going near me ect...

    They seem to have hots for me but I'm shy and I have very little xp... too much schooling (bachelors, masters) and 2 jobs and 1 volunteer job.. and hanging with friends and family.

    But yea what I noticed is that women will almost rarely hit a conversation with u... unless they have a cheap excuse. Like its part of their job or you have somthing interesting.

    Anyways they will eye rape and stalk you but they will rarely initiate.

    Google Female flirting body language. any of those signals are your best bet.

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