Is it a big problem to date someone who is younger than me??

Well, my story began 2 years ago when he told me that he loves me but in that time I refused.. he got angry and started to annoy me.. but then I really fell in love with him and when I told him he refused the idea just to hit me back .anyway I was strong and I got over it .. but since a month he came back to say that he sill loves me and he couldn't ever forget me ...but another time I told him that I'm over this and I forgot everything ...

but honestly now I miss him and I don't know what to do ..

why I did all that I don't know Is my problem that he is younger than me?

help please


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  • Well you're both still young to say that you love each other. As a young person, love comes and goes easily. It may even continue when you're in your 20's - or even older...

    So maybe you're only both have super crushes because the other person isn't showing that they "love you" anymore. The feelings probably popped up when either of you really thought about it.

    You are right on the dot on that maybe the problem is that he is younger than you so you both don't know what to do. He might be confused on how to deal with a girl and be sensitive, and you are not a older sister who knows what to do in that situation.

    You can just try dating to just see if it works out or not rather than this off and on rejection. It's silly and hurtful for both of you. See if you're two awesome young couples or better as two best buds.