How do I show a girl that I love her online?

Me and my girlfriend have been dating for almost a month now we really love each other but the only problem is that I live in Chicago and she lives in California. How do I show her that I really love her and care about her other than telling her that I love her, texting her everyday, and calling her on the phone? Thanks for any advice!

I'm 17 by the way


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  • I think some girls especially younger in the teens love posting their relationship publically online so maybe posting pictures up becoming FB official, sending her Youtube Videos on her FB wall or via email that expresses how you feel. :)

    • I've done it all except making it FB official thanks for the thought though! :)

    • so true. I think it says something when someone feels the need to showcase their relationship...

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  • Send her flowers. I think girls like that stuff...

  • If you really, truly loved her, would you need to ask other people how to show it?


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