I am seeing this guy and he texts me CONSTANTLY. Driving me insane! aaah! WTF do I do?!

I am seeing this guy and he texts me CONSTANTLY, like what you up to? are you busy? can I see you? how are you? are you well? up to much?- just to name a few! I admit, I'm a busy person, and I'm normally the clingy one, but this is beyond annoying, I've talked to him about it and he stopped for a while, but now its beginning to get more and more again. its stressing me out.

i turn my phone off or I don't reply.. but then he calls and sends '?' every 10 minutes. when we have conversation it becomes boring and it just makes me think of my ex- who I'm over. what can I do? bearing in mind that I've talked to him about it..

thanks! sorry if its confusing! :\


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  • haha I've never heard the situation reversed before. Usually it's guys complaining about this.

    Guys need the blunt truth. Flat out tell him to stop. I would give him some guidelines like # text / hour.

    Good luck!


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