Is he actually worth it?

so my mom dated this guy. they were togetehr for a year and they had a son. he was my age. and we just started talking again. (after 8 years) we've been tlking for 2 days straight. and he likes me. and he's super sweet, he's really cute, exactly my type. and he has never cheated and wouldn't do it to me. (ive been cheated on several times) and he says "i just might love you brynlee" and stuff. he's so much fun. but is it worth it? to go for my moms ex boyfriends son?

and evern though we aren't together, he calls me sweatheart and love and stuff. and he's already pretty protective. like I told him I was in an abusive relationship and he was asking his name and stuff, got really pissed at my ex.


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  • Agreed. Go for it.

    ALTHOUGH, you should probably talk to your mom and make sure things are definitively over between her and this guy's dad.. because otherwise things could get weird.

    • they've been apart for 8 years. and they are both re-married.. :P

      should is till ask? considering?

    • Nah, don't worry about it then. But you should still talk to her and tell her you like him, let her know what's going on and how she feels about it, even though it's still ultimately your decision.

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  • I don't see why not I think you should go for it

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