Meeting him for the first time - ADVICE PLEASE!

So this coming Wednesday I am meeting my boyfriend of 4 months online. He's coming to see me :D I am so excited yet I am so nervous. Mostly because this is my first date and I am unsure what I am suppose to do and what not. I would really like some advice from anyone who has done this before. PLEASE!


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  • 1) Meet in a public place that's well lit with other people around. Maybe a mall, bowling ally, a restaurant some place where you can't easily be dragged off or trapped.

    2) Bring a friend, I personally would bring a male friend just because they might be more physically imposing and might be able to protect you better if something does come up.

    3) Tell your parents where you're going and when you hope to be back.

    I know it all seems so protective and crazy and paranoid but you can't be too careful with someone you don't know, have never met and might not even be close to the age they say they are, and you don't know what he's one or anything.

    Whatever you don't:

    1) Invite him back to your house. No matter how nice he is NEVER invite him back, NEVER follow him to his house and NEVER go anywhere private with him. He could seem like the nicest, sweetest and most honest guy around but the truth is you don't know if he's just pretending/trying to get you alone.

    2) Don't tell him where you live, don't show him where you live and don't give out a home number.

    3) Don't plan to go visit him at his home, or your home until you've hung out in public several times and know him well. (This goes hand in hand with number one)

    4) Be extremely careful with any personal information of you or friends/family of yours. (goes hand in hand with number 2)


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  • I agree with what the girls said about being careful and maybe having someone to watch your back but I don't think there's anything wrong with online dating. I met my second girlfriend online who happened to live like 40 minutes away. The first date I went to pick her up and her mom took a picture of me, my car, and a close up of my license plate lol maybe you should suggest that to your parents? Unless you think they might get even more nervous and not let you go if you make a big deal out of it. Anyways meeting someone online worked out fine for me, hope it does for you to, good luck :)


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  • If you're under 18 why are you meeting guys online? Dating may seem like the most important thing to you right now but trust me it's not and you definitely don't need to go looking online for a boyfriend. I agree with the other girl who said to bring someone with you because you don't know who you're actually meeting.

    • i wasn't trying to find a guy online it just kinda happened... we talk on the phone almost everyday so its not so much online anymore

    • Doesn't matter, you could talk to me on the phone everyday and I could say I'm in 11th grade and tell you about my day when I could really be 30 years old and telling you stories from when I was in 11th grade 13 years earlier. if someone looks younger than their age (like me, I'm 22 and people think I'm in high school all the time) you could skype with them everyday and still not really know who you're talking to, and since you are a minor it something you should consider because there are guys

    • out there that look for young, unsuspecting girls on the internet all the time.

  • Make sure someone else stays a distance better safe then sorry

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