How do I know if he likes kissing me?

I really like this guy an he says he likes me an he wants to be with me but I can't tell if he really likes me. He gets very shy an awkward when I'm around an he calls me dude an bro an crap like that. He has grabbed me an kissed me a few times by surprise an then his shyness goes away untill we stop kissing. Whenever I go over to his apt. he's all quite an it kinda makes me feel like he wants me to leave. How do I know if he really likes me an wants something with me an how do I know if he likes kissing me?


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  • Stay away from this one.

    Way far away.


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  • I think it is just because he is shy. There is not enough evidence to prove he is not interested. I mean with you going to his apartment and him wanting you to leave it could be he is way nervous. It sounds like this is his first relationship. I think he likes you :)

    • he says he's been in five

    • Oh never mind then he should know better let him go.