How to go about kissing her for the first time?

Me and this girl have been hanging out for a while now and we both really like each other a lot, but I'm not sure how I should tell her my feelings and kiss her for the first time. I was thinking maybe when the moment is right asking her if she likes me as more than friends, then when she says yes ill say something like "good, me too", and gently run my hand across her forehead to push her hair out of the way of her face and move my hand down her face to her cheek while looking into her eyes and kiss her. I just feel like it would be awkward if I just kiss her out of nowhere and I feel like she would like the above much more. Anybody have any thoughts?


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  • What you mentioned is perfect(: It doesn't have to be complicated. Good luck !

  • i would just kiss her, that's how I got my first were watching a movie and he just leaned over and kissed me...after he did that he looked into my eyes and pushed my bangs out of my eyes and kissed me again :) hahaha..ya so I wouldn't ask her if she likes you, cause she might feel under presure when you ask her. I know that I wouldn't want to be asked lol. But if she dosnt kiss you back the first time..i would just apoligize and tell her that you liked her and you were wondering if she likes you too.

    haha so I would just try that..good luck :)

    • How about asking her if she likes me, and before she answers telling her I really like her a lot?

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    • hahah alright thanks

    • hahaha no problem good luck :)

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