Why doesn't he text me (back)?

I've been on 3 dates with this guy from work and our most recent went really well. We got more in depth conversation wise (goals, past relationships, future plans, etc. He brought them up too, so I wasn't pushing anything) and we held hands on the beach at night just kind of "snuggling". He texted me after the date thanking me and saying goodnight. I texted him 2 days later: "Heyy, just wanted to say hi :) I hope you're having a good day so far. And good news, I'll be here frieday afterall ;)" and have yet to hear back (1.5 days later) Why hasn't he texted back?


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  • The best is to retreat now for a while.

    You have shown your interest by texting him, now the ball is at his side.

    Give it a week.

    Sometimes guys need some time to reflect on their emotions, and need to think about where the thing he is having with you is going to.

    I think guys mostly are afraid to get bound with any women, unless they are convinced (by rational arguments!) that you are the one.

    Give him the time and space to reflect on it, and above all, keep your head up high.

    Don't doubt yourself, I bet you are wonderful. Keep doing your things (which will increase your attractiveness in any man's eyes). And let him come to you.

    And if not? It's his lost.


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  • there could be plenty of reasons to why he hasn't replied back.

    he might have lost his phone, he might have broken it accidentally or not, he may have been too busy dealing with important matters, or he might have just lost interest. It really depends, I suggest texting him again or better yet just call the guy and see what's up..


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  • he could be busy or something happened to his phone or something personal has happened many reasons and it seems to me that he likes you so don't give up text him again soon

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