Would a guy go for a girl his daughter's age?

Say a man is in his 40s or 50s and he meets a girl his daughter's age aka 20-30 years younger and finds her very attractive. Do you think the fact that his daughter is the same age would stop him from going for her, whether it be for a date or just sex or both? (Even if she doesn't know his daughter) Or do you think he would stop back and think that it would be indecent of him to go for a girl who could have been in his daughter's class back in elementary school?

What about if he could easily be the father but does not have daughters that age? Do you think that would make him more likely to go for a girl so much younger compared to a guy who has a daughter around her age?

*I'm not talking about pedophiles here. The girl I'm talking about is about college age...not a child just a young woman and the men would be somewhere in their 40s or 50s..old enough to be her dad but not an old man.


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  • Guys wanna f*** the hottest thing they can. If they can get their hands on a girl young enough to be their daughter, they'll go for it.


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  • This man would be f***ing idiot to do that.But woman must don't let it.

  • Most men would have no problem dating a younger woman. I don't understand why so many women care. Some women that prefer younger men are being called cougars, and are being praised as strong women that know what they want. Adults are able to make their own decisions. Looking down on adults that go out with someone, of a different age, is no worse that looking down on gays. It is close minded people, that are too quick to judge others.

  • Everybody wants women before they get used up. Daughter, no daughter, whatever.

    • Yes ladies, you do get used up.

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    • Used up as in aged, blown out, emotional baggage, etc. Women don't get better with age. They peak early in life.

    • Yeah and men often get better as they age which is why I like guys a little older than myself. Sucks to be a woman sometimes.

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  • There was a guy I flirted with in a bar one night who was 50 and I was 20. That same night he asked me to move in with him, even though he was married and had two boys my age.

  • Also ... if the guy is 40 and the girl is 30 years younger ... that makes her 10. That's pretty gross.