So I am going to have my first kiss soon!

Its a KISS not a makeout. Anyways, where do I put my hands? he is super tall. He is about 6'1" and I am like hahaha 5'(: Major height difference! So what do I do?


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  • Haha this is a very adorable question :D

    My advice: don't worry, it will all come naturally :)

    (reason: that's the advice I got from my boyfriend when I got my first kiss and it was excellent :) don't overthink)

    Have fun, but don't expect too much (especially due to lack of experience)! Have fun with it even if it's not the "perfect" or "great kiss". Keep trying and the last thing you want is awkwardness :) Oh and fondle him around too when kissing and attack his neck and ears. That's hot :D Hope this helps! :D


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  • The big mistake I made about my first kiss, is that I got too nervous, thinking that I had to do things perfectly. I was twelve and thought that it was so important the my first kiss be magical. And it kind of was: the moon was out, we were down by a creek listen to the babbling water. The stars were out. And when we held hands there was such a spark, so we leaned in and kissed. Then, the guy stopped half way through, and I was terrified that he was going to say I was doing something wrong. Instead he said, "Is it OK if we don't have sex tonight I don't have any condoms on me." I just laughed. What else could I do. There I was, incredibly insecure about kissing, and he was already thinking about sex.

    Trust me, kissing isn't a big deal. You will be great. Just trust your instincts. If something feels uncomfortable to you, it probably feels uncomfortable to him too. Don't worry about the height difference, just sit next to each other so he can lean in a little more, and you can sit up a little straighter. Put your hands on his shoulder, or gently touch his face... again, trust your instincts.

    It will be great. Don't worry too much.

  • if you're standing, put your hands around his neck, or if you can't reach that, on his upper arms. or wrap them around his waist. That's what I do and my guy is tall too! :)