Guys if a girl just text you out of blue 'hey what's up'

what would you and how would you take it like would you think she's likes ya or some other sh*t..for example I have not talked to this guy will neither has for almost a month now..had a past.. so?

i mean he has not talked to me either almost a month..unfortunately


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  • Ok to me it means that she wants to talk to you and to possibly get back with you because if she hasn't talked to you in a long period of time she wants to you about someting or she wouldn't have called/texted

    • oooo OK so it willl show I still like him and interested sh*t...y must I be so weird and scared. but OK thx good answer honest

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    • Well I guess all you can do is move on and find someone better. I guarantee that there is someone better outhere for you I mean its his loss. but um yea you should select my answer as best answer?

    • If you want you can add me as a friend =}

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