Should I bother texting him if he doesn't text me?

He talked to me and asked for my number so I gave it to him. He seems a little shy but nothing ridiculous. It's been only two days. If he ends up taking a few more days and never texts me should I text him or should I just forget it and wait and see if he ever texts me? I heard texting a guy first makes a girl seem too needy and I don't want to seem that way.


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  • STOP

    stop thinking about it

    draw all your focus to something else

    like trying to figure out how wet the ocean really is

    or what the average cotton candy consumption is in a country without cotton candy

    find out yet?

    • lol I know I should stop thinking about it because then it will happen if I stop sitting by my phone like a loser.. I just don't get why he would wait two days after going through a year of shyness to get it. -_- but I guess he will text eventually if he thinks I'm worth it @_@..

    • Umm Your still thinking about it

      and over analyzing like you always do

      your not a learner

    • lol I kno P:

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  • I would say not to contact him... I mean if he was interested enough to ask for your number than he would be interested in making the first move.. I have been where you are and have done what you are thinking about doing. Just to get my feelings hurt in return.. I have a dear friend once told me and she kept repeating this, he just may not be into you... There is also a movie with that same title, until I looked at that move, I never understood what she was saying to me. I watched it and seen myself in the young lady that thought because this one guy was nice to her want to hang with her or even asked for her number she felt he was into her when he wasn't he was just being nice and enjoyed her company but not in the matter that she thought... So after that movie, I changed how I relate to a man, if he does not call, I am cool, I don't stress or bother him to see why he has not called... I do not sit and wait for him to call. I go on with my life and leave my options open to meet other also. He could be holding back his calling so he does not seem needy... Men feel the same as we do, that if they call to early we women tend to think we are in a relationship now... So hold back, give it some time and if it happens, and it meant to be it will... Get out there meet others, don't sit home waiting for his call, just in case it doesn't come you will not be so heart broken.. Hope this helped... Wow! I need to send this message to myself...LOL Best of luck to you... Tina

    • easier said then done ha ha I get what you mean however he had been going out of his way to flirt with me all week and I finally smlied back at him to show him yet. I'm thinking he's shy but I don't know for sure. so like you said I will just see whatever happens. thank you :]