Girls: Did she enjoy our first kiss?

Sorry for repeating this question. I asked it a couple of days ago and didn't get much response. It's driving me crazy thinking about it!

Went on a fantastic date a few days ago, which ended up with us having our first kiss. It was slightly tentative (which in my experience first kisses tend to be) but good overall.

However, the girl did something that no other girl has done to me before. In between every few kisses she gave me a very long, tight hug. This was nice and there's nothing unusual about it in itself, but it made me wonder if she was doing this because she wasn't enjoying the kissing?

What do people think (especially girls)?


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  • haha I do that lol...i do it cause I love him and he makes me happy and I'm so happy to have him. I don't know really why I do it but that's what I think why I do that. hope this helps!


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