I don't understand this? am I pretty or not...

so this is my story and its kind of long.

1. people I know tell me that I'm pretty sometimes on their own. like a guy will tell me I'm cute or pretty or something like that.

2. when I ask someone they tell me I'm pretty.

3. people I've asked on the net on several different sites and hot or not think I'm very ugly or just not pretty and that I look kind of like a guy. several sited have said this.

4. people in real life tell me I definitely don't look like a guy.

5. possibly my pictures are bad but I look better in person?

6. a lot of people tell me that I look like my pictures

7. people in real life tell me that my pictures are pretty and so am i

8. this guy I went on a date with said no offence you look better in preson you are less photogenic then other people

9. but people in real life sometimes say my pictures look like me?

10. some people I know mostly girls are clueless about why people think my pictures are not pretty.

11. one friend said that she doesn't think I look like a guy but with really close observation she could see how people see it

12. how do other people then see that so quickly?

13. some adult guy I know which is kind of creepy considering I'm just 18 keeps telling me he thinks I'm really hot (I don't think id get that a lot) and when I told him my reasons for not being hot he sed that I deffinetly don't look like a guy and that people online are being idiots.?

if I have to I will take a picture for you guys but I just don't understand how I look like a guy. ? and a lot of sites immatter affact a lot excpecially ones you can comment on pictures say that.

14. the adult I know also ses that the pictures don't really capture me and that I look more radiant and lively aka prettier in person.

15. when he tells me I have a really pretty picture tho and to put that one on hot or not I still get like 4's.

what the hell?

i doubt everyone in real life is lying to me

but not everyone on the internet can be lying also. but if my pictures look like me I don't get it? what shud I make of this? I don't get if I'm pretty or not. what would you believe?

i just don't see the coincidences of every site and a lot of people on those sites comming to the conclusion that I look like a guy and I am not really pretty. the best I got was kind of prettty.?

ok I just added pictures so hopefully you can judge now a little better? and if you think I'm ugly plz do not hesitate to tell me why so I can compare it to real life. I really want to figure this thing out.
thanks guys but I didn't really add the pictures so you can tell me if I'm pretty or not I was just hoping they can give you some insight on something I really can't name but you know help figure out the whole picture reality issue.
i just want to know why you guys thinkm I get so much more compliments in real life and more attention then in pictures if they look like me. do you think maybe I just look more attractive in person? why could this be? things like that etc. you know
you know like the reasoning behind it but if you want to tell me what you think of me I am open to critism and thanks for the tips if you have any other tips on how I can look better then go ahead and let me know!


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  • First let me tell you everyone has a different perception on beauty. Some guys prefer blondes and others prefer brunettes. The only universal beauty is a good personality. Everyone (as stupid and overused as it may sound) is beautiful in their own way. Down to the specifics.

    I looked at your pictures. Let me tell you straight up you are DEFINITELY not ugly! You are pretty! If you really want advice on how to feel better about yourself, I can give you it.

    First. go to my page and read my article about confidence. You don't seem happy with yourself and you seem very unsure. Read my article and see how the advice works for you.

    Second. SMILE! A smile has the potential to change your own and many other people's dispositions.

    Third. I know you aren't specifically asking for beauty advice. but the tips I give you are just an overall way to enhance your naturally pretty features. You're face works well with makeup from the pictures I saw. Like someone mentioned before me. if you clean up your eyebrows your face will open up automatically! You have gorgeous thick eyebrows though. don't over-pluck! Just clean them up. it does wonders for a face. Also, you have gorgeous dark hair. I suggest investing in a deep conditioner that will bring out the shine in it! Dark glossy hair is the epitome of sexy!

    Fourth. Finally, you look very ethnic. What nationality are you? Play that up a bit. work with it. A lot of guys go crazy over ethnic girls.

    Hopefully I helped. Don't let ANYONE on the internet get you down. Most people rate low to make them feel better about themselves. Plus, those rate things have no relevance to what real natural beauty is.



    • Thanks so much that was really helpful!

      and I'm Persian

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  • Ok, I took the time to read your story, so I'll take the time to answer. First off, I think you should not worry about what votes you get on those websites. Some people sit on there and click on 1 for every single person they see. Also, some people are more photogenic than others. Every person has their own unique perspective on beauty. I looked at your photos, and you are cute. Keep smiling, you have a great smile :) What matters most, is what you think and to not let people get you down. (if you want to look more feminine, thin out your eyebrows a little) That's my 2 cents, I hope it helps you out.

  • I know a lot of girls who look way better in real life than their pictures. I don't know how that happens, but better than the other way around, right.

    Based on your pictures, I think you're very pretty. You don't look like a guy, that's for sure. (Just some advice, you look better when you smile). Basically, if you're prettier in real life than your pictures, that's definitely a good thing.

  • ur brunette and ur under 160 lbs it looks like, if so, your f***in sexy, good luck have fun, thx


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  • Just read some other people's comments.

    Yeah eyebrows are important, I haven't seen yours but someone pointed them out. You know I have a weird problem, a condition that means I am not very hairy, so my eyebrows are really light and hard to give definition as a result. So I use an eyebrow pencil (in brown, don't use black unless you are non-caucasian). Literally everyone finds me more attractive now I do that. I don't allow any photos to be taken without, it looks ungroomed otherwise.

    Some people really are better in person. Ironically it tends to be more masculine girls that look better in pics, things like defined cheekbones etc. I look better in pics than in person I think, I get a lot of compliments on my pics. I suppose I get them in person too but I get heaps on pics. With me I think its cos I have prominent cheekbones (but they aren't THAT high they are wide though), relatively even features and big eyes which people notice. Above all though its the cheekbones cos that's what people notice more in pics. I know much prettier girls who rate lower than me on Compare People on Facebook (a bit more honest since it compares wins and losses and its by friends), I think just because they have softer features which don't photograph as well. My nose is so prominent and downright ugly, but on pics people don't notice this. In person, that and my wide cheeks probably knock a good 3 points off my online rating.

    And yeah don't trust hot or not, I don't think I used to do very well on there either! You only tend to get a high rating if you are blonde, fake tanned and showing half your flesh! :)

    You probably are pretty in person if people say that, grooming always helps though. Pictures are irrelevant unless you are exclusively into online dating. It is the real world that counts most, after all. :)

  • i think you have good clear skin and most guys like long hair.

    i get guys who call me cute too or they just flirt with me lol, but I mean, there is always going to be people who are jealous and diss others, and I tend to ignore people who put me down or those who have nothing good to say

  • okay, I looked at your pictures.

    I think you're decent for the most part.


    I think that you'd really cute with a new haircut (like with layers) since you have none in your hair. Actually, I like how long your hair is, but maybe some side swept bangs. Because that would be really cute on you.


    like those.I cannot find a really good picture.

    I would say to wax your eyebrows, but don't get offended.you should have seen mine last year. Your eyebrows seem a little too thick near the inner part, but are fine on the ends.

    I wouldn't get too worried.

    I would say smile a little more, because it looks like you have a cute smile in that one pic, but I'd say to show you're teeth more when you smile.

    Guys think girls are cuter when they smile.

  • This is kind of hard to judge since you have no photos of yourself, but some people are just really not photogenic.

    • Ok I added pictures...

    • I agree with everything that these other girls have said. Fix the eyebrows, smile more, and be more confident! With confidence comes radiance and charm, two qualities that will attract friends and boyfriends alike.

  • You know what's hot? Confidence. Since when do us girls need approval for others to decided if we're pretty or not? Besides, it's all in the way you carry yourself. Carry yourself like you know you're pretty, because I'm sure you are, and everyone will be looking.

  • were is ur pictures?

  • u are BEAUTIFUL :) you have pretty hair and nice features. ur stunning hun x

  • Omg please don't touch your eyebrows. You look like Jordana Brewster! I personally think your eyebrows are one of your best features and I think you're really pretty! Especially in the pic with the blue jacket. I'd say keep your hair really tidy! I noticed in the other pics it's a bit messy but in the one with the blue jacket it's really neat and slick. I'd say messy hair + thick eyebrows can look extra messy so try to keep your hair very neat. Just take really good care of yourself, groom yourself well and you'll be fine. You have a lot of potential just jazz yourself up with some chic clothes, a big bright smile, and you'll be totally fine.

    Also, don't get so hung up over looks. Just as long as you take care of yourself, groom yourself, and love yourself you'll be totally fine! Put that energy into developing a personality, you need not worry so much about your appearance.

  • yes you are

  • you're not a bad looking girl you have potential but just

    -clean up your eyebrows

    -smile more

    -look more confident