I left a message asking to hang out and all I got was a "who is this"!

There's this girl...she's really pretty and popular and we haven't talked a whole lot. But she thinks I'm funny. I decided to take a shot and call her and see if she wanted to hang out, so I got the confidence and called her. She didn't pick up so I left a message, and I have to say that I did a pretty good job on the message, didn't seem nervous at all, seemed pretty confident.

She didn't reply until the next day. And it wasn't with a call, it was with a text that said she got a new phone and didn't recognize the number and asked who it was.

I'm puzzled and confused and a little deflated. I mean, I left a voice mail...so she had to know who it was, right, even I she got a new phone? And if she didn't, then how do I go from here? I feel kind of an idiot for getting the courage to ask her to hang out and now it's like it never happened. She texted like 12 hours ago and I have yet to reply.


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  • Some people sound different over the phone, there is a plausible chance that she didn't know who it was from voice alone...

    But then again it's also a chance of her blowing you off as has been said.

    My advice? How brave do you feel? If not very, text her who it is and see what that comes up with. If you are, call again and let her know that way since she'd hear your name and then assume that with you.

    That and you'd also get a response much faster

    Ball's in your court, Choose how you'll serve it

    • I'm not sure how brave I'm feeling anymore...I mean I felt brave when I left that voice mail and this has kind of took the air out. Like I said below, if she's blowing me off, which I think may be the case, is there even a point in responding? Then again, if she's blowing me off, why even find out instead of ignoring?

    • Fair enough, I can see where you're coming from but there is another way to think of it.

      If she is blowing you off, by phoning and finding out that way you can still play it as friends and let her think it doesn't get to you

      If she thinks after that she didn't have you figured out the way she did then trust me, that'll burn up at her thinking that she's lost out and you seem more like a prime catch

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  • Well you either had no shot to begin with and you still don't or... hmmm... I suppose it's possible with a new phone and all that she never got the message? You did leave your name in there somewhere, right?

    If she found you funny than have fun with this... If you are good with light hearted humor than get some in there. Tell her who you are like she should already know and just start talking to her. Make her smile or laugh again, do whatever it was that made you stand out in the first place.

    Oh, and good luck.

    • what I don't get is how she didn't get the message if she got my number. And what I also don't get I she was trying to blow me off, why'd she even bother texting...I mean, if I see a number I don't know, I don't just text it. So she probably heard the message. So I'm confused as hell.

  • Umm, I'd tell her who it is... duhhh.

    Why would she know from a voice mail? Your numbers not in her phone anymore and she obviously doesn't have it memorized. Maybe she kind of recognized your voice but she wants to be sure she knows before she accepts or declines and then finds out it's not who she thought it was... blah blah blah. Just tell her it's you.