Is kissing really needed for a relationship to function?

I was wondering if I ever get to date a guy would he care about kissing? I've never kissed anyone or been close to it and I really don't see a need for it. It looks all nasty and noisey when I see it on TV or when my parents do it. The tongue thing looks complicated to do anyway.

As I understand relationships are emotional so please tell my why it's important? What are other things couples do other than intimate things because my parents told me that it's not the same as a friendship . What do people do in relationships?


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  • I have bad news for you.

    Guys like kissing. But I think a lot of guys don't like it as much as women ...

    But they like where kissing leads more.

    Kissing is the _gateway_ to the physical side of the relationship, and if kissing is too much for you, I shudder to think how you feel about that.

    With no physical side, only an asexual male would be interested. A relationship is not just someone who hangs around being even more emotionally supportive then a friend. It involves expressions of physical desire between the couple.

    Emotionally, it is deeper then friendship, but for most couples, and certainly the vast majority of men, a physical element is required to sustain that deep level of emotionality.

    To be very blunt, men who fell in love _and stayed in love_ with women who were not sexually active with them likely ended up raising other men's children and died out of the gene pool. Men today are descended from men who did NOT stick around with women who weren't sexually interested in them.

    When you're a young dating couple, guys may not actually expect _sex_ but they need to feel you desire them, physically, or they feel rejected. And rightly so.

    • Guys my age defiantly want sex , trust me I know. I just feel like I'm way too old to be worried about kissing when girls my age are usually concerned about sex. I just feel that dating is stupid because I'll never understand it. It'll never happen to me so, I can't understand. You explained everything pretty well but, I guess it's just something you have to experience yourself to truly grasp it.

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    • Do you ever find any guys (or girls) attractive? Like you'd want to be near them, touch them in some way (not necessarly sexually) etc?

    • Yes, I do find guys attractive. I have liked guys emotionally but, I usually just try to forget because of my fears of rejection and also the fact that it may get serious an he may want to kiss . I'm an emotional girl, just not a touchy feely one.

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  • Kissing, that is like the salt in a soup. In any case it belongs to a relationship, else there is something broken, frozen or wooden, uncompletely and what else ever.

  • Not necessary, but it's fun and enjoyable when you get it down. After all each person has their own preferences, so for you it might me quiet with no tongue.

    As for what intimate things people do in relationships. They hold hands, they cuddle, the stand in each others arms.

    • No , I meant other than intimate things like for example is talking the same as what you do with a friend?

    • Sorry, guess I misread your question. >_< But yea, other that those it's pretty much the same.

  • nah, you should treat your boyfriend/girlfriend like you would any other friend.


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  • When in a relationship, people mainly focus on getting to know each other as much as possible and sharing things with each other that you probably wouldn't share with other people if you're very comfortable with that person. Kissing is just another way of expressing your feelings for that person, except in a physical way.

  • LOL. I find what you wrote about the TV and what your parents part funny XD

    Not a necessity, but preferable and needed in a long run. Relationship is about emotional connection and about physical intimacy. Some people can live only with the emotional connection even without much physical intimacy, but some really can't stand it. For these days especially in the western countries, most people would find it a bit difficult to accept no kissing in a relationship. Still this is your opinion, this is what you think, and I'm sure there are people who will accept it although not many of them would. For one I respect what you feel and what you think for the moment :)

    If you don't like all those stuff, don't be in a relationship, or be in a relationship with one who share the same views or can accept and live with your views in relationship (and in kissing).

    And to answer what do people do in relationship, they

    1) Hang out

    2) Get to know each other

    3) Spend time together

    4) Sex

    5) Talk

    6) Eat together

    7) Have fun together

    8) Kiss and hugs


    In general, they try to make more connection with each other, be it physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. Hope this helps.

  • I totally agree. Kissing is SO gross like oh my god. Ew boys have cooties ewwww.

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