Met this girl online at an online dating site. Is this fair? 4th date.

OKay here's my situation. Met this girl online at an online dating site. We hit it off right away! We have been talking/ seeing each other for the past 3 weeks. I've taken her out on 3 dates.. Last night I was supposed to see her, but my cars at the mechanics shop, so I asked my brother if I could borrow his, and he said yes.. About 10 min into the drive to her house, my brother calls me back saying he needs his car.. So since its his car I decided to take it back to him.. Anyways I call her and tell her I have to cancel. I've never flopped on her before, just this time cause my brother said he needed the car... Now she's acting all mad and pissed at me... Like this happened only once why is she acting like a brat?


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  • jesus...

    sounds like she's immature? you had an issue, you explained what was going on (I assume) and if she can't accept that then wtf...maybe you're getting into something that isn't worth it?

    all this nonsense because you had to return your car to your brother? this wasn't your fault, you made the attempt and half way to sucess your bro calls...

    she needs to realize this isn't anythign personal, just bad luck...

    be careful tho, a sign like this, this early isn't necessarily a good thing...keep your eyes open

    • Yea I even told her before I went to go get her that if my bro needs the car and he calls me.. then I have to give it to him, and she was like all happy and all nice with a yes. And then it actually happens and she's being a child. And very true with her attitude.. it is a little kiddish.

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  • of course she is, I would be too. it's only the 4th date, not long enough for you to be able to get away with that. you canceled beyond last minute, more like last second. that was rude of her. you should have called her and asked if you guys could take her car or just hang out at your place or something.

    • Yea but. she doesn't know me well enough to be mad... Why doesn't she know that.. Its not like were meeting up and having sex or anything.. She doesn't have that type of connection with me.. I even told her before I left to go get her, that if my bro calls and needs the car, then I have to give it to him.. Since its his... And I asked her to come meet me and she was just all pissed and sh*t and she said she's gonna go see her gf... Now tell me what you think?,

    • why should he have to ask her to take HER car...if she really wanted to see him, she would have offered that...its her own fault for not thinking of that, NOT his

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  • It's no different than if your car broke down at the side of the road.

    It was circumstances beyond your control.

    Consider this a good indication of what she's like on the inside. Better to have found out now, rather than later when you were maybe emotionally involved with her.

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