Is he into me if he hasn't tried to kiss?

I've been out on a couple dates with a guy I've been friends with for a while. He keeps asking me out, but he tried to hug, hold hands, or kiss yet. Do you think he's into me or is this just a friend thing?

He's had experience with girls, so I don't think it's a shyness thing. However, I've never really known him to be a touchy feely guy even with his friends, but still, I thought it was different with girls.


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  • Maybe, he respects you so much that he is taking it slow as a way of telling you he doesn't just want to get in your pants...terrible guy, dump him he's taking too long...hah

    • I guess in dating, you just meet a lot of bad guys that do play you and swoon you with fake romantic gestures, that when a good guy comes along, I'm so jaded that I can't even see it. I guess I'm used to if a guy likes you, he'll make a move quickly.

  • He is probably into you he just is trying not to take things to fast or anything like that so he will eventually get to that point so no worries


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