Over-analyzing date and first kiss!

Went on a great third date the other night and managed to have our first kiss at the very end when saying goodbye.

The problem is, I'm not sure how it really went. The scary thing is when I try and play the kiss back in my mind I can't actually remember many details (and no, I hadn't been drinking). I just remember feeling a little strange at the time after the kiss happened. Not bad necessarily, just strange.

Is it normal for the first kiss with a new guy/girl to be like this? Thinking about this and trying to remember all the details is driving me crazy!

I haven't seen the girl since, but we're going on our next date in a few days. She texted me about half an hour after we kissed, but hasn't mentioned it (she just said she had a great time).


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  • in the girls' place I wouldn't mention the kiss in a text either, that would be not very romantic...

    rather than overthinking the last date you better think about your next date! ;)

    • Thanks. I wasn't sure whether the fact she hadn't mentioned it was a bad thing, but you make a good point. So even if it was an amazing goodbye kiss, you girls wouldn't be likely to mention it? :p

    • i don't know about other girls, but I wouldn't mention it- I'd kiss you more often tho ;)

  • As zombieh said, I wouldn't have mentioned it either, because all the things that are going through your mind, and probably going through her's as well. It seems as though she definitely likes you, so keep things up :)!


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