We've been trying to meet but something always comes up. I don't get this guy.

So I've been emailing this guy I met on a dating site. Anyways,we were thinking of meeting tonight-or sometime real soon. He asks what I'd like to do,so I respond with,"how about dinner? That way we can talk and can get to know each other."

No response from him yet he's been online. I. don't. get. him.




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  • Don't worry about it too much. Give it time and see if he gets back to you. Chances are he is also in contact with one or more other women. It doesn't mean he's a player- the online dating thing is just like that. I've done the same thing- I have been interested in a woman, but have also been in touch with a couple other women at the same time. I don't want to ignore her attention, but I don't want to have too much going on at once either.

    But if I can't commit to meeting someone, I will explain that although I am interested, I simply have too much going on at the time. I make it clear that I don't expect them to wait around for me to make up my mind, but that if my situation changes, I would like to get back in touch. They are usually OK with that, and appreciate the honesty.


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  • hang in there. his profile mite say that he is online, but he mite b away from his computer. don't send him too many messages, guyd hate that. but wait a little longer and relax. if he really wants to meet up with you, he will message you back. if he doesn't message you back, he's not worth it.

  • I've had similar experiences.. He is not committed to meeting you and he is option playing. put yourself in his place. I mean under what circumstances you would treat a guy same way he is treating u?

    I think you can come up the correct summation here. Keep looking and don't focus on this one.