Who to date? Please give me advice on this, I like both of them equally?

ok well first off I like these two chickcs I slept with both of them already. the one chick I went to a music fest with. the other chick showed up at the music fest and I ended up sleeping with her as well nothing happened with either of them exept the woke up in my arms. like I said I like both of them equally so if anyone could give me advice what to do in this siutation that would be great.


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  • I think you should find a third girl to mess up with. Two is still too little.

    • how exactly did I mess up

    • You're dealing with girls as if they're objects. You don't love either of them. Face the truth.

    • umm OK well I care for both of them ui don't paly girls I have to much respect for them

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  • I don't think you should date either of them on the basis that you slept with them :S In this case, you can befriend both but NOT date them yet (it'd be strange), and in all fairness you knew one chick earlier than the other, so probably put more focus on getting to know the one you knew earlier.

  • Neither. And if that's not you are, I wouldn't date you if I were the girls. If you really want one of these girls, you need to take them on dates. Not sleep with them. The dates will help you decide.

  • Wow. You really shouldn't be with either of them. What the f*** are you doing? If you don't think a girl is special, then you should be dating: you should be sleeping around. Which sounds like what you are doing.

    • i care for both of these girls

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    • How on earth can you say you have respect for women after posting something like that? Honestly?

      And I don't think you put ANY thought into it. That's why I called you dumb. Because you ARE dumb.

    • becaue I slept with some girls

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