How can I get gim back?

I met this boy & he was the sweetest thing ever . He seemed different then other boys ; was taught to work for everything , independant & good looking. We would text all day & then till like 2 in the morning & I thought that I had him . So we would hang out & hook up like nothing was wrong , he was adorable , like holding my hand & telling me I looked pretty . Then , all of a sudden , he started acting mad shady . Like ignorning my texts , blowing off our plans , or having to leave early . So , I would text him a couple times a day & he still wouldn't answer so I was kinda upset , like what did I do ? So, then one of my really close guy friends texted him asking wht was up with me & him & he told my friend total lies because he knew he was gonna forward me the messages . So , I called him & left him a voice mail saying if he can say those things to my friends that he can grow up & say it to me .. so he texted me saying he wasn't ignornig me & he told me how he lied to my friend & sh*t , then he said that he liked me but he didn't wanna get attached to anyone like ... ? A anyways , then he went on vacation & I was confused so I was like ...allright wwell I'm gonna fool around ; so I was messing with this kid & ithen we stopped takling & the boy I really like came back from vacation heard that I was messing with that boy , plus on top of that , there was a rumor about me going around . there's no way for me to get in touch with the boy because his phone is broken & that is how he goes on Facebook . I really like him , more then anyone . What do I do ?!?!?!?!?!?!?


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  • wow. I don't think you can fix this. The boy you liked told you he liked yo uand that he didn't want to get attached. I think he wasn't ready to be in a relationship with. He just wanted to flirt and text with you ad keep it like that. I think you kid of messed up your changes by fooling around with the other guy. You should had told the other guy not to tell anyone that you messed around. He opened his mouth and spread bad rumors about you.I think you should let things cool down a little before trying to contact the boy you like.


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