I left a voice mail to hang out, and she never got it?

This is a real bummer. I worked up the courage to ask this girl to hang out. We've never talked that much but she thinks I'm hilarious, so I figured that I'd give it a shot. The problem was that I didn't have her number, so I got it from my friend.

So I called her. I was nervous as hell. Understandably she didn't pick it up as it would be an unfamiliar number, so I hit her voice mail. Now, despite my nervousness, I calmed myself and I have to say that the message went extremely well and confident, the best I could've done. I was proud of myself afterward.

I didn't get a call back that day. The next day, which is the day I asked her to hang out with me, I got a text from her. It was kind of generic, she said "hey, I'm sorry, I got a new phone and didn't recognize this number...who is this?"

I took a little while to answer her so I wouldn't seem eager, and then I replied, teasing her and saying it was me. Then I got no reply ever since.

One option is that she was blowing me off. But if that wasn't the case:

At first I was thinking she just didn't hear me say my name in the voice mail, which is why she was asking, so I thought, you know, that the text was in response to that. But the more I think about it, the more I realize that maybe she never checked her voice mail, that she got her new phone and rifled through the numbers in her old phone, saw my number, and wondered who it was. Which would mean she never heard my voice mail. Which would also explain the no reply to my reply to her text.

I'm a little more than bummed. Whichever way you look at it, it doesn't look good. Either she's blowing me off or it's as if I never asked her to hang out, which would've indicated my interest. I don't know what to do other than lie low for several weeks in the even that she actually did hear it. But then it eats me to think that she didn't and, well, my attempt at her ended up being essentially non-existent.


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  • First waiting to text is bullsh"t, it just looks like you don't have your phone on you all the time, which means you aren't texting people all the time so really it's more effective to reply when you can... but take your time don't rush and say something stupid, you have no tone or expressions to help you so its easy to mess up.

    How about you ask her in person? Then you know for sure, and you don't wait weeks trying to lie low until she sees someone else. Just make it something casual to start so it can be flexible.

    Good luck

    • Well, problem is that I won't see her in person in more than a month from now. And thing I asked for was as casual as you can probably get.

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    • I won't see her for a month

    • She won't remember anything after a month...a month is like 8 years so go for it

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  • Hmmm... Maybe you should go read the answers to this question, it is identical after all.


  • I agree with Irish. Just ask in person so you'll know straight up and not have to worry. plus it'll move you to be more out there for her to see and not just a number to be ignored. =)

    • yeah, I think I will, but the reason why I called and left the voice mail was because I was coming off a string where my popularity had never been higher, so I wanted to capitalize on that before the one month of break cooled it off.