First date kiss...on the hand?

I had a wonderful date with a guy I see potential in :) He is the real gentleman type of guy (insist on paying, walks on the outside part of the side walk type thing haha) By my house we embraced and he held my hand and gave it a kiss, followed by a hug. Guys, what do you make of this? We've been talking maybe every other day since this getting to know each other and stuff.


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  • Okay first... JEALOUSY.

    Back to the topic at hand ;D

    I'm so surprised to hear there are guys like that still out there in the world.. gives me hope <3

    He trusts you and maybe he thinksyou don't to go too fast, or maybe he doesn't want to take things too fast.

    I'd say that he's trying to earn your trust and giving you reassurance that he won't rush or force things upon you right now so.. :D

    • lol :) yea I must admit I felt like there were no longer guys like that. So used to settling for less that this surprised the crap out of me, Hopefully you are right :D :))

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    • awww thank you! I'm trying to! hehehe ;)

    • If it makes it easier to find a guy like that, I kinda give them the hint and just flat out tell them I like to be kissed on the hand. Sometimes it isn't a thought with all the nerves going around, but if you give them that little nudge, and they are just a nervous romantic, then they will take the hint

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  • I just saw this and that you posted this 6 months ago.. well, how did it turn out? :)


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  • He seems like a sweet guy & he is wanting to take things slow. Doesnt want to rush anything or go past your boundaries. (:

    • I really hope so, not many guys out there are willing to be like that. thank you :))

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