Have you ever had a really bad dry spell with dating in a big city?

I moved to London 8 months ago from the US and since then dating has been HORRIBLE. I've literally had the worst consecutive dates in all history- and all my attractive girl friends are feeling the same way.

No one puts any effort into approaching me- they largely leave it up to the girls to make the first move. But I've been shot down so much this year that my ego can't take making the move anymore. I'm a cute girl that am not used to getting rejected ever in the US- I'm friendly, outgoing, down to earth- I just am not sure what to do here to change my situation.

How do you guys get your confidence up after a bad dating spell? I've even briefly tried online dating- but no luck. And it's not helping I'm in my mid-late 20s and all my friends back home are getting married... :(


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  • This problem is spreading in America as well. Young boys are taught that any sexual advance by a guy, is either perverted or a disrespectful act to the woman. Bad boys don't care if they are being disrespectful to women. That is one of the reasons, why the only guys that seem to be getting girls are players. For now, you will have to step up, and start asking more men out.

    • Where are you from? Every time I hit on a guy I'm also told by my guy friends to stop... because guys like "the chase"- how does that make any sense? argh... am I destined to be alone?

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