Would you ever date a close friend or a close friend?


I would never do it, and never did it because if the dating went bad then it would be super awkward because all my best friends share one circle.

I'm glad when I dated it was outside my friends circle because all those relationships ended pretty bad.

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  • No, even if she was incredibly hot, if we were really good friends, I wouldn't. I just wouldn't be attracted to her. I wouldn't want to screw up a friendship either.


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  • I only date a friend tbh. I look at it this way. We become friends, we get to know each other that way. We get to know what we like, don't like, our personalities, how they mesh, etc. And all the while I also work out any feelings I have. If I know I feel something truly strong for them and I see how great we work I try for more. If they are interested than whoo.

    If a break up happens, well it depends on what happens. One girl I'm still friends with. She doesn't chat much, but it seems more due to a technical problem cause we do talk still fine and things seem ok.

    The other girl... one I was with the most and who ended it so horribly and hurtful... ya I haven't talk to her in years. And I'm conflicted as hell about her. So I doubt we'd stay friends.

    SO the worry of "I don't want to ruin what we have" is basically either bullsh*t cause you just don't want to say you're not interested openly or you're already expecting the break up to happen and go bad and that's an immature way to enter any relationship anyways.

    So.. ya... dating a close friend seems ideal imo.


What Girls Said 3

  • I would only date them if I were 100% sure that the relationship would work out. Other than that, I try to avoid being involved in " romantic relationships" with close friends.

  • I would date them , If I had mass feelings for them

    But if I had nothing for the guy then I would keep it to a friendship for a while.

    but ya It would be mass awkward to be with them as friends after you just broke up with them

    So choose wisley or you might regret it in the end <\3

  • I would if the attraction is there. but I've never had that attraction with just a guy friend