Should I hang out with him?

My team lead wants to hang out with me tonight. I don't want too and I told him, I just want to have a relaxing day off.

He texted me that we're gonna hang out at the bar and with his friends. I told him I don't like going to the bar, he said "Just check it out and if you don't like it then we can leave. And all I want is to spend some time with you." - "Don't stand me up please, I'm looking forward to seeing you."

I'm kind of stuck, he is a truly nice guy but not my type. I don't have any kind of attraction to him, I don't want to lead him on.

My friend told me just to go and who knows I might end up liking one of his friends. I'm not like that though.


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  • Sweet heart,

    You don't have feelings for him?then tell him you are not in the same place he is...and for your friend who told you to go so you might like one of his friends...r you kidding me?

    u have enough trouble setting the lines with the guy to actually go hunting for one of his buddies!"chick logic maybe :D" ?!


    W H


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