Would you hang out with an average girl if you're a popular guy?

Say a girl that isn't in the "it" group and isn't as "beautiful" as all the popular girls starts talking to you on fb in a chat. If she asked you to hang out sometime, would you or would you just say yeah and hope you never actually do?


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  • It depends on the guy. And, if he cares about his "reputation" or not. I had a guy friend who liked me in school..but,. the other girl was much more popular than I was...I had the name: prude And, she had the name:easy. haha...anyway, he started dating her..because he cared more for his image. And, then she got jealous of our friendship and made him stop talking to me. :-/

    Anyway, it all depends if they care about their image. Most likely, if they have some interest in you, then they would though. =)

  • realistically, the chances are not great