Is he stringing me along?

Guys: would you string a girl along you've been hanging out/sleeping with for 5 months if you just wanted sex?

Girls: have you ever been strung along without knowing where you stand with a guy?

I feel like I'm in limbo with this guy. One minute I think he genuinely cares for me; the next I think he's just using me. I know it would be easier to just ask him about it, but I don't want to be "that girl."


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  • this hasn't happened to me, but I know that its happened to quite a few girls. yes, girls can be strung along by guys. part of this is due to their own fault. you have to get what you want before he gets what he wants. most guys will be happy to get sex from a girl NSA, but ask yourself is that all you want? if it isnt, make sure you get a solid commitment first and you know where you stand with each other before you drop the panties. if you feel led on you probably are. one thing about users is that they give a girl enough hope to make her think that what they have is good (so she'll continue putting out) but his true colors do show but you're just rationalizing it.

    you are already "that girl" because you want more than what you're getting. you're that girl who's settling. so in order to stop being "that girl" you need to have a talk with him and ask him about it. give him a chance to step up and commit to you, or for him to tell you its not what he wants. or even worse, stall on you...and after you speak with him about it, if you don't get what you want stop giving him what he wants and move on. good luckk


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  • Strung along or not, you need to know what you want out of the relationship and tell him what you want. If you don't do that, then you're stringing yourself along.

    • Hmm...touch?! I never thought of it that way. I guess by me not making my intentions clear, I could be stringing him along as well.

      Thanks for your response! : )

    • Hope it works out for ya. =)

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  • Yes they would and if they are stringing you along you should get out. If they were really into you they wouldn't be leavin you hanging

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