Difficult age for a relationship?

Do you think there are certain ages that are difficult to find relationships in?

It seems like when you are a 20 year old girl, the young guys your age don't want a relationship because they still want to explore around,or they are immature

Then guys a little older but not unreasonably (Think between 5-9 years older or so) are wanting to get more serious but think you are too young if you are still in school and they aren't

And then the guys who are a lot older like at least 15 years will show interest but probably not for the reasons you want them to (They would think a younger girl is easier, more malleable, or just like her sexuality beauty and lack of baggage)

Does dating get better when you're in your mid 20s? As a girl I also know that once you hit a certain age you're out of your prime and it is a lot harder to find a guy period.

I am NOT saying all guys in their early 20s are immature but it is true that many guys I know that age don't want a serious relationship which is understandable.


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  • lol... Every age has it challenges and it sometimes feels like it gets more difficult with age. You do get out of your "prime" but so do the guys so it all works out. There is nothing quite like the beauty of a woman in her late teens or early twenties but that is not who I want to spend my time with. I've always dated younger, often significantly younger but 23 is my lower limit now. I just find the mid twenties to early thirties far more attractive in many ways.

    So no, it doesn't get better or worse, it just gets different. I wouldn't be so focused on serious relationships just yet. You are still very young and there is plenty of time. One thing you don't have a lot of time for is enjoying being young. I never meet people in their 30's or 40's who say... "man, I wish I would have acted older when I was twenty", it's always "I wish I would have enjoyed being twenty instead of wishing I was older". Have fun, explore, be adventurous, try new things (but be safe!) and date as things happen. If you are attracted to a guy then go for it and if he is a bit less mature try just going with the flow for awhile. It will all balance out soon and you'll find the right mix. In ten years your ability (or desire?) to date a 20 year old guy will be greatly diminished even if your desire has increased. Just enoy whatever it is that you have right now because chances are there will come a time when you will wish you could go back and do it again. Enjoy today for whatever it offers.

    • thanks. Honestly I like guys who are older at this point but at work people always tell me that getting old sucks. Men always will love younger women though this man I know in his 40s always jokes around that the women his age or even 5 years younger are just too old for him

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  • The best relationship I ever had started when she was 19 and I was 24, that lasted 7 years. It's a good age to start for both I think.


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  • 1) Yes. All of them.

    2) I'm 20 going on 21 but I've found that dating right now isn't all that bad. But what I have found seems to attract older guys is pretty simple. Know yourself, know your goals, and know what you are going to do to achieve them.

    • Lately older guys like me a lot and some asked me out but not ones I was interested in.

    • I don't know what to tell you then. I've always ended up with older guys anywhere between 4 and 9 years older than me.

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