Dating 2 weeks, did he want out?

Ok so I was dating this guy for over 2 weeks and have been almost inseparable since. Things were going pretty well until tonite. He had been text flirting with me and seemed to be in a great mood and suggested an outing for us. When he got to my house, however, he seemed irritated. He was nothing like he was in his texts to me. He was a bit distant and seemed a bit irritated. I went and sat next to him and ran my fingers through his hair, and he totally went off. He's like Whoa! I just took a shower and fixed it! That made me feel like s***. It was such a shallow thing for him to get upset about. He got defensive when I told him I didn't understand the big deal. I told him to leave my house because I could not deal with his mood swings...flirty one minute, uptight the next? And it wasn't the first time.

My gut has been sensing that maybe there could be someone else? Why, in just an hour's time, would he just change like that? I'm not sad, just more disappointed than anything. I'm just trying to understand his behavior ? What gives?


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  • Either the guy doesn't know what he wants, or he's just shady. I don't know what to tell you other than move on; you'll find someone with less drama and confusion (especially if it's only been 2 weeks!)

    • I agree! Things were starting to feel alittle off with him the past few days. I'm not even stressing fact, I feel relieved. Who knows what might have come up next?