How can I give the most amazing kiss to my bf?

when my boyfriend come...of course we will kiss...and I wanna hive hem the most amazing french can I make hem say I'm the best kisser...and make hem expect and want more?


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  • It is not really about how to do it. It is more the connection you make.

    Are you experienced with french kissing?

    Just try not to slobber all of

    And, I do not know...umm it's kind of like licking and ice cream popsicle. I know that is weird. But, I think that it the best way to describe it. Just imagine his tongue as the popsicle. And, try to be passionate. It is so hard to explain. Don't move your tongue extremely fast..but, kind of slow. Not too slow of course. Just 'feel' it. If you know what I mean. It is hard to explain...

    But, I think those are the best kisses.

    I hope I helped...

    Best wishes xx

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