So I slept with my ex's friend from work.

last sat I went out and bumped into my ex bfs work mate he was all over me, and I liked him way before I liked my ex, I only split with my ex a month ago due to him cheating...anyway I ended up sleeping with this guy...he works at gym I go to and I told him not to tell my ex which he hasnt, me and this guy still chat there's no awkwardness, I can't really tell if he likes me or not except he's always looking at me,and wed I was at a party and he randomly showed up out of nowhere even no he didn't no anyone but I cnt tell much more thn tht...i like him and I wondered if its a good or bad idea to tell him so...shall I just leave this as a silly fling or see if he likes me I dnt no even he likes me whether he would tell me because he works with my ex...awkward x


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  • I think you should tell him and see how it goes..what the worst that happen you know

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