Girls, should the man always be the one to suggest a date?

This girl I was seeing keeps contacting me at least once a week since I pretty much told her I couldn't handle not seeing her when I wanted. I told her not to contact me, but she carried on anyway. I then told her that she had to make the move if she wanted to see me. She hasn't tried to organise anything for weeks on end, but always tells me ''I miss you'' ''I've been thinking of you'' etc...

What I would like to know is do girls always expect the man to organise a date?


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  • No, I think there should be a mutual share of suggesting the dates and finding things to do. If you're the one always organizing everything it'll get old really fast. It's nice when a guy makes the effort to find a great date but I personally love to organize some things too! There has to be a balance here or it might set the tone for any relationship that might develop.

    Say to her that you miss her too and would love to see her but it's her turn to suggest a date, whatever she wants to do/try you're more than happy to give a go. Especially if you've already suggested more than a few previous dates with her. You want someone who's going to make an effort not someone who's going to take you for granted.


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