Guys, if you were over the girl you dated?

would you ever text her to see if she's OK ? after a tradgedy

after not talking to her for months ?

my ex texted me after 4 months last weekend

after what happened in norway



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  • I don't know what I'd do. After my ex dumped me (it was a bad break up), I moved countries. The break up was 4 months ago and I've moved on, but just a few weeks ago I got word from one of her friends that her father passed away due to a heart problem. I honestly didn't know how to react...I just told her best friend to send my condolences as I couldn't actually reach my ex directly.

    If I could actually reach her...I wouldn't, because I think I'd probably just make things worse. I just don't want to get involved with her anymore. I've turned my back and walked on, but since this happened, I turned back to look one last time, but then turned back around and kept walking on.

    • you don't want her back?

    • I did when she first broke up with me, but she ignored me right from the breakup, no contact whatsoever, deleted off FB, and whatever messages I sent her, I heard they were deleted. Since she removed me from her life and acted like I never existed, I could ask myself if I really wanted her back, which is no. Those 4 months after the breakup made me learn so many things and allowed me to know why I shouldn't want her back. She was my first, but she hurt me and I won't go back to that.

    • No turning back now. Just gotta pick myself up, dust off the sadness and move on. I've got a life to live, not a life to dwell on how I could've fixed this or that to make things right. If she wants to remove all her memories of me, then so be it. I'm no longer obliged to care about her. It's not that I'm some heartless a**hole, but I won't let her take advantage of my feelings...again.

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  • He wanted to be a frienda bout it.