I'm dating a very nice woman but she is difficult to communicate with

It's as if she's just very shy or timid or just doesn't have a lot to say. She thinks she's boring or simple but I don't think so. I'm just looking for insight into a woman who is not expressive. I think she is worth the patience to figure out and to find out HOW to best connect with in a way that works for her. I think she finds me challenging because I'm very communicative and hands on. She accepts the affection but again is VERY reserved in her reciprocation. MANY THANKS!


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  • Be careful in this one! You may find that she never learns to communicate. I had a relationship like that; I thought at first she was just shy, but it turned out she was emotionally challenged. She never did come out of that shell, and learn to express herself. It can be somewhat endearing at first, but in the long run, it gets to be very frustrating trying to communicate.

    • I would agree. I'm thinking at 42 she's pretty much who she is going to be, and shyness and the ability or willingness to communicate is learned a whole lot earlier in life. I will progress with eyes very open. Thanks for your time. Happy Holidays!