What does it mean if the girl you've been flirting for a while sends you a blank text message?

I Haven't heard from her for about three weeks (she was on holday).. she kinda rejected me I think (im not sure) in some ways she seems to be liking me; we talked for hours, made her laugh alot.. (she asked if we could meet irl, met her online) but she's being so damn hard to get..

so I'm just not contacting her since I don't wanna get hurt

I think the message was a shout for attention (I mean I never send blank messages accidently, nor do hardly ever receive them)

what do you people think?

I really hate those silly love games :(

thanks a lot :)


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  • For the record, I've sent many blank texts by accident because my phone is retarded. But as for the girl, it shouldn't be this difficult. If she wanted to be with you/talk with you, she would. Let her ass go

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