Why I don't have any close girl friends?

I want to expand my social circle and add a few girls to my friends list and hang out list. Mostly I hang out with guys only. I have no clue where to start and what to do.


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  • Where to start? Go out and meet new people. Try to hang out with your guy friends' girl friends. You can go to the beach and find a group of girls, ask to hang out with them for the day while they're there. See if they're worth trying to be friends with and if they're fun. Any place similar to that works too. Just be yourself and put yourself out there.

    And once you start hanging out with some more girls, invite them to go group things. If you start inviting just one girl alone at first...she might think you're into her as more than just a friend.

    And it sounds like your'e just wanting friend mode, right?


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