We broke up and now I need help, advice?

My boyfriend (actually ex-bf) is a year younger than me. We are knowing each other for a little more than a year and we were dating for 11 months. I am attending to a college in an other city. Now this year he'll be in college too. First he couldn't decide where to go Because her test results was not perfect.( In my country we go to college after a test.) For 1 week we talked very little than the normal when he was thinking about where to go for college. Then suddenly he said he found a good one which fits to him. IN THE SAME CITY WHERE MY COLLEGE IS. But in that week he was a little mean that he said ' I'm not really sure about our future, I love you but I need to be alone and think for a while. bla bla bla..' But when he told he will come near me, I tried to forget how he hurt me. Then 2 days ago, 2 hours after he gave his college choice list in which his first 3 choices was in my city, he started saying 'IM tired, you re being capricious bla bla bla' all of a sudden.( besides he had just told he's coming to my city) Then he started talking about our differences ( visions of life, beliefs, behavior s etc.) and we had a discussion. (on the internet not face-to-face) and he suddenly said I want to break up , I don't wanna talk etc. and we didn't talk since then.

I donno what to do. I know we have problems but, I can't understand why he mentioned them all of a sudden and came a conclusion to break up! I just don't know. I want to talk to him to get his thoughts. Maybe we'll break up again but I just fuvking wanna know what he is exactly thinking...

plz HELP me

plz answerr ! its really important to me :(
really! helpppppppppppppppp


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  • He could be going through a hard time, or he's a little worked up from this college thing. Men look tough on the surface, but they break down, easily. Probably, he was reviewing his life decisions and memories, since he's at a cross road, going to college and all. I'm not justifying his behavior, it's still unacceptable, but those things happen, especially when the person is young and fragile, y'know?

    Anyways, I suggest you wait until he gets to your city, then you can arrange a meeting or something, where you can talk about this and sort it out. Please, don't appear as a desperate or a needy girl, men start acting like they're some kind of a prize, when you do this. Just be cool, and pretend that you just wanna know what's up, and that you understand what kind of pressure he's under, and you're merely trying to be supportive for old times sake.

    Please keep in mind that this post is just an assumption, there are hundreds of explanations for his behavior, this is just what I think it is. You know him, and I don't, so read this and see if it fits his personality (or sounds like him).

    I hope this helps. Good Luck. :)


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  • Simple, college life. He's gonna attempt to sleep around with girl he can get. which is pathetic.


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  • huny, nobody can tell you exactly what he thinks. one thing is for sure though, he loves you and he wants the best for you. he feels as if you are too good for him I mean you have your life planned out and you know what you want-and that I do suggest you stick to because you never want to ruin your plans if they are for your best benefit. help him and be there for him show him thetre is nobody out there for YOU!