Should I ask him to chill again or leave him go?

I am a very shy college girl & it takes a lot of courage for me to even say hi to guys. Last fall I went to some ball games to cheer on one of my friends. Over a few months I kept seeing a guy that I thought was good looking. One day I got the courage to say hi. We couldn't talk long because he had to do 'clean up' duty after the game. About a week later, there was another game & we chatted then. Both of us grinned huge & he shoved his hands in his pockets & looked at the floor. A few weeks after that he said "hows it going" to me. I was up in the bleachers & looked down at him & grinned. Almost immediately he looked away, grinning huge.

Basketball season ended, a new semester began. We became FB friends & continued chatting on/off. Some days, when I hung out in the cafeteria, we would see each other. We would say hi and/or wave/grin huge. A few times I caught him looking at me when I was chatting with my friends. One time he kept glancing at lot when I was chatting with one of my gfs & her boyfriend.

Another time I was chatting with friends & wasn't "looking" for him & I didn't want to see him because I wanted to give up/forget about him. My gfs & I were chatting at a table & one of em said "Isn't that your guy?" I looked & saw him workin on hw. He was facing us, but I never saw him look at me. I didn't look long tho.

I got the courage to ask him to chill, just to get food or something & talk, not a legit date. But I guess I should ask what is classified as a 'real date'? His response while grinning broadly/shoving his hands in his pockets, thumbs out: "I'm sorry, I don't do much besides baseball & school." (Which is true-he doesn't party unless it's summer & he doesn't watch movies or read or chill with friends much during the school year, so I guess I had it coming)

I didn't talk to him much after the fact because I didn't want to bug him. I went to a few baseball games, but didn't cheer because I am so shy. I FBed him good luck & to hit a homer. He replied "i'll try just for u" First time he was up to bat, he smacked one to center field for a single. Luck or...?

Last week of school came; I was walking toward school. A car pulls around the corner & I look up and it was him! He grinned huge & pointed at me like Gary Bertier does in Remember the Titans right before his car crash. I grinned & waved. That same day, I saw him in the cafeteria..we waved. Two days later, I was in the cafeteria finishing up a final for my computer class. I packed up my stuff & headed out when I saw him chatting with his guy friend. We made eye contact & he leaned in toward his friend. I looked away nervous. I risked a glance back & caught him looking at me, still chatting with his friend.

I would initiate almost all the convos. I'm trying not to chat w him so much...which is easy/hard at the same time. I've looked up "flirting signs" online & found that he falls into a few listed...but he also seems to fall under some that say that he is "uninterested". Any tips?

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  • maybe he really likes you but is too busy or the timing is off for reasons you may not know.i would wait and see..