Haven't talked to ex in a few months. Would calling him be ok?

I broke up with him a few months ago. I contacted him a few times within that first month which eventually led him to become pretty annoyed. I could understand now, that me contacting him was not helping. He wanted to be friends, so at the time I was really confused why he was putting up a big wall. Stepping back from it all helps to figure things out and see things differently.

I didn't realize how much breaking up with him was going to hurt me. I guess I was in love with him, but since I have never been in love before, I felt confused. I really miss him and would like to talk to him, but I'm not sure how I should go about it. I don't want to scare him away. I would like to try to be friends and see how it goes. I'm worried he won't want to talk to me. There was no cheating or lying involved, but I felt a bit overwhelmed being that this was all new to me.

Would calling be OK after a few months of no contact?


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  • Shoot him a text and let him know that you are interested on working on things but want to take things slowly. If you really want him back , I think its worth the risk of rejection. If he doesn't reply you can move on knowing you tried.

    • Texting messed things up at the end, so now I'm really apprehensive about the texting. I also don't want to scare him off by telling him everything right away. I was going to keep it short and ask him if it would be OK if I called him again?

    • the thing with not telling him what you want upfront may cause him to feel you're string him along

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