Am I wrong for getting upset that she calls her guy friend "my boy"?

I have been with my girlfriend for six months.

We are both 23 and things are going pretty well.

The other day she went to meet up with an old guy friend that she hasn't seen in 3 years. No biggie, I trust her and it's an old friend who was in town.

Anyway, she texted me when they went out and one of the texts was like "so excited to see my boy! I haven't seen him in so long!"

She calls me "her boy" all the time and I thought I was her "boy." Am I getting upset for no reason over this?

I know if I called her "my girl," but called a female friend of mine "my girl" to my girlfriend she'd get mad.


Am I overreacting?


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  • Overreacting, Yes. That thought has probably never crossed her mind. What if she meant it in the most harmless way? Would you feel a little worse about how upset you have gotten over it?

    Just because she might possible react to you doing to same thing wrong doesn't mean that you should follow her lead, or that she is aware of how you feel.

    • Woops, I meant "possibly", not possible...

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    • great way of helping me understand it with the "i love you" reference.

      makes so much sense. thanks.

    • No Problem. Glad I could help.

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  • i think you have nothing to worry about. I make up little nicknames for my guy friends all the time, it doesn't mean anything haha. those kinds of things usually don't mean anything :)

  • maybe she meant it like "homeboy" and yours is like "her man", ya know?


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  • I'd be more annoyed that she is trying to sound like Jay-Z than anything else.

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