Why is my guy friend hanging on every statement I make?

I'm so confused and annoyed mostly. This man acts like he has no interest in me. But he keeps hanging on to every word I say or said. For example: I said I don't like the heat (like months ago). We were hanging out with a couple of our friends and I was in a good mood so I sad "This heat is awesome!" Then he goes all crazy and says "Please, you hate the heat. You're so full of sh*t." which completely caught me off guard cause he's never been mean to me like that before.

And then we were at this club, which he didn't like that much because there were too many guys. I was personally having fun dancing with a bunch of guys. So I told MY friends the club was good. But then when I was with HIS friends, I knew he didn't like the club so I referred to it as the "sh*tty club" and he blows at me again saying "so now it's sh*tty huh?!"

wth is up with him? I know he doesn't like me or anything either because he asked me if I liked him. I told him no and he told me he didn't feel that way for me either. I don't really wanna ask him either. I just wanna know what you guys think.


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  • Maybe he did have some feeling for you, but now just sour grape feeling towards you.