He hasn't texted me for sometime. Do I seem desperate?

We connected really well and I had a great time w/him. He even gave up something he Loves doing and drove back home to CO from CA in one day just to see me. I wanted to ask him on the second date since he asked me for the first one. He smiled and agreed then said he had been planning on asking me out anyway. We made plans to go on a date 3 days later then he told me he'd text me w/his schedule that same night to make sure he had the day off work, but he hasn't. He texted me the day after for about a minute but I haven't heard from him since.


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  • No. Desperate in this case would be texting every few minutes asking where he is, why he hasn't responded, if this means anything to him, etc.

    • Ok, I have only asked him if he got his schedule but nothing else. I have been waiting for him to text me back. So I'm not coming off too strong?

    • No. Coming off too strong would be, like I said, texting every few minutes saying stuff like "What happened to us?!? I miss you!" Just don't cross over that line and you should be okay.

    • Ok thank you I've just never really had a guy treat me good and actually like me AND want me. I just don't want to mess up.

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  • Just call him up and find out what's going on, leave him a message and wait for him to call you back, there is not much else you can do in this situation.