I turned out to be a rebound, but we are still friends. Will we get back together?

I was with my ex-girlfriend for only two months and in that time we became extremely close and seem to have formed a bond that has kept us friends. She introduced me to friends and told her Mother about me, and I would plan trips and nights out for us all the time. We both had a great time and were always very affectionate. She was in a six year relationship that ended a year ago exactly, and although we had both dated other people a lot at the beginning of this year, I was her first boyfriend since him. We tried going slow, but as time went on we opened up more and more and eventually told each other that we loved each other. She says she has feelings for me, but that it's just bad timing and she still needs to figure herself out. I can't lie, I'm heartbroken. I don't know if she will come back or what I should do to get her back. The break up was kind of messy but now we are friends and both trying to date other people. I want her back though. Any advice? Pleeeease


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  • You could just give her time


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