I don't know how to react with the guy I like can anyone help ?

So I had the guy I like in my room I was nervous so keep looking down were friends so he wasn't in my room 2 do nothing more then talk so he talk a lot more then he did before he keep staring at me so I looked back so after that he keep taking my stuff and putting it in his shirt and I didn't do anything he had his ipod on and I said I like the song playing so he got near me so I could hear it and I back up so wen he was about 2 leave he took my stuff again hiding it in his shirt and I said 2 give it back he did that for a while and I did nothing he finally gave it 2 me and left so my question is why was he doing that ? I don't think he likes me at all should I have reacted different if so can anyone tell me how 2 react next time ? I also wanted 2 kiss him next time how do I kiss him without me kissing him


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  • 'how do I kiss him without me kissing him'

    what the