Is he trying to distance himself?

I've been hanging out with this guy since June. For most of June and July, we hung out 2-3 times a week. The past two weeks he said he's been busy with work so we've only hung out once a week. He went on vacation for a few days and we didn't really talk then. He used to talk about visiting me and hinted at a relationship, but now I can't tell if he's trying to distance himself. I leave for college in a few weeks, but I'm not sure what to say because I want to keep dating but I don't know if he changed his mind.


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  • There is this period where the guy is afraid of commitment and he will kinda test your clinginess out while distancing himself. Just give him space, act normal, don't force The Talk... If he likes you, he'll come to terms and you will have yourself a boyfriend. :p

  • It's possible that he is distancing himself from you on purpose, or he might just be busy and unintentionally distancing himself.

    When you hang out with him next, see how he acts around you. If he makes time for you, he's still very interested. Don't stress about the future for right now and just live in the moment. Enjoy the time you do have with him.

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