She stopped calling/texting. WTH?

I'll try to summarize as best as I can.

A month ago I was on vacation back to my small midwest home town. A friend introduced me to a gorgeous young woman, 25YO who was working at the bar. by the way, I am 43. I asked my friend if she was single, he said she had a boyfriend and that he was working there as well. So I didn't pursue and went about having a great time with friends. Over the next several days I would bump into her and she would strike up a conversation with me, once asking me to dance. When we got off the dance floor some guy walked up to us and said he was her boyfriend. Me not wanting drama, I told him he was a lucky guy and walked away.

Eventually she cornered me and told me how hot I was and how hard she had been working to get my attention. She thought I was playing hard to get, I just didn't want the drama of getting in between two people.

She said to forget him. She said they haven;t had sex in over three months, they sleep in separate rooms and she was getting ready to end it with the guy. For the next week she would text me saying she REALLY wanted to get together. It had been almost 3 years since I had any kind of relation with a woman so needless to say I gave in and we ended up spending a few nights together in a hotel. For the next two weeks she would text me and tell me how amazing I was, how no one has ever touched her the way I did, how I fit into her life so easily, and how she couldn't wait to see me again. I live on an island in the Pacific and she said she wanted to come see me in "ASAP."

Now back home for the past 3 weeks, she has pretty much ended communication. She wrote me a message saying she knows we haven't talked much lately but stressed that I shouldn't let that bother me. Her reasons were; she's too busy to text, doesn't like talking on the phone, the time difference is too much and she just has a lot going on. She went on to say that she broke it off with her ex and that she is looking for her own place. That I taught her a lot about herself while I was there and that she misses me. Told me to keep smiling and being me. (sounds like something you write in the back of a year book after graduation)

She hinted that we WILL walk on that beach together like we talked about...but in due time.

My thinking is I was just a convenient REBOUND GUY from out of town and that I should take it for what it was, fun, exciting and refreshing. I responded to her message by saying, "no worries, you gotta do what you gotta do. If later down the road you feel like you want to continue getting to know one another as I would, give me a call. I'd love to see you again."

So do I just leave it at that and move on and not contact her, or should I call her, be up front and ask her what's up?

Thanks for reading and letting me vent. I just need some unbiased advice, even if its a good a$$ chewing. haha
She stopped calling/texting. WTH?
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