Why won't she hang out with me?

I just graduated high school and this hit girl who's my neighbor won't hang out with me but she will with my friend. They smoked once together and he is turned off by her. I've posted one earlier question tonight too. So you may have read something like this. Immgood looking, funny And interesting. (everybody has their own characteristics those are mine). She usually hangs out with grata but why not me? What pisses me off is that she is younger than me and I'm fighting to hang out with her. Sorry if I do t fit into their group. I've got my sh*t together and I am going somewhere and I really don't fit in with the drug scene. I just don't know why she won't

By grata I meant Frats. Typooo


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  • She's not interested in you. Just because you feel you have positive traits doesn't mean every woman you are interested in will want to hang out with you. I am not her so I can't say why she doesn't like you like that, it could be for any number of reasons. You sound like you aren't her type and don't have much in common so she probably doesn't connect with you. It happens.


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  • Well if your going somewhere in life like you say you are then why do you want a girl who hangs out with the `drug scene? is she worth all this? if she doesn't want to hang with you her loss you can't force, move on

  • Get over it already.

    • F*** off

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    • Actually your right lol

    • Yeah but I didn't have to be so sarcastic...its something I am workin on...

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